The Celebrity Who is Also a Pharmacist

Peoples’ lives often take changes in direction at some point. For the lucky ones, this will mean a change for the better. Even some of the greatest stars on the planet started off with humbler beginnings. Many had jobs to help them pay the bills while they chased their dreams. Those that were fortunate enough to make it will not always let go of their past completely. Others will proudly hold on tight to their past. Some will even continue to do some work in their past careers. One such example is a celebrity that continues to work as a pharmacist.


Making the Breakthrough

Stephen, who was a pharmacist with Medicinesbymailbox for several years, never gave up his dream of being a star. One day, his dream came true “I went to a talent show one day, and it turned out that my luck was in”, he said. “A talent spotter was there and offered me a record deal”, he added. “Everything changed so quickly, I just couldn’t believe it”, he said.

A Second Job

“I am very busy sometimes, but less busy at other times”, said Stephen. “When things are not so busy, I like to make sure that my online pharmacy is running smoothly”, he said. “I always did quite enjoy it, even if I did still hanker to be a star”. “It’s just like having a second job really”, he added. “Although sometimes it’s more of a hobby than a job, it’s just something that I really enjoy doing”