Celebrities, Are You Always Happy?

In today’s world, being professionally successful, loved, and financially secure should be an excellent basis for happiness. But as many people know, and from their own experience, you can have all these things and remain pretty miserable. But why are today’s celebrities so unhappy?

Look into the eyes

If you take a hard look at the eyes of some of the most famous people out there, you won’t see happiness, you will see aching. They appear under pressure and strained, unable to hold their emotions together. Basically, they’re trying to grasp something they’re not aware of and it’s kind of a mind blowing revelation. Most celebrities wonder, “How come I am so famous yet so unhappy?”

Fame in its own right rarely brings happiness. Amassing material things and having endless deep pockets does not bring joy. Neither is being known or signing countless autographs to free you.

The primary reason happiness eludes famous people is that fame becomes a burden to them. When you rise out of obscurity and get into the limelight, you must work hard to remain at the top. Many people experience fear of getting rejected after getting glorified. And many wonder how they’re going to manage that.

The lack of security, lack of privacy and the everyday ups and down must be guarded jealously. The bigger the celeb, the less privacy. Everything about them is splashed on the internet, newspaper columns and TV gossip chat shows. And because the juicier details mean more ratings for media companies, the more cash they’re willing to pay for the most shocking revelations about celebs.

Private cry sessions

Many lies are told about famous people to sell content. You can go from nobody to a hero and back again in 60 seconds if you do the slightest thing the wrong way. Like getting out of the car and displaying your crotch or walking inside a crowded hall without a bra. Many do hold private cry sessions when outed, and few will be bold enough to venture far without private bodyguards.

Can you believe what a drag that can get? Can you image paparazzi hiding in nearby bushes to snap a picture of you the minute you step out of the door? People demand a lot from you when you’re famous. It becomes a compromise and not a gain, as newspapers and media would have you believe.

Turning to drugs

Many turn to drugs and alcohol to assist in coping with fame. Can you believe how many celebs have died using these drugs, or how many land in rehab centre seeking cures for addiction? And if this is not bad enough, many famous people have a huge problem keeping loving relationships. They wonder whether someone cares for them or is in it just because they’re famous.

But to tell the truth, there are some famous people there who are truly happy. But most are not quite happy because they cannot handle the pressure in their lives. It’s one thing to enjoy the positives of being famous but another thing to manage fame altogether. And this explains why true happiness is an inner understanding of oneself, and not an outer acquisition.






The Celebrity Who is Also a Pharmacist

Peoples’ lives often take changes in direction at some point. For the lucky ones, this will mean a change for the better. Even some of the greatest stars on the planet started off with humbler beginnings. Many had jobs to help them pay the bills while they chased their dreams. Those that were fortunate enough to make it will not always let go of their past completely. Others will proudly hold on tight to their past. Some will even continue to do some work in their past careers. One such example is a celebrity that continues to work as a pharmacist.


Making the Breakthrough

Stephen, who was a pharmacist with Medicinesbymailbox for several years, never gave up his dream of being a star. One day, his dream came true “I went to a talent show one day, and it turned out that my luck was in”, he said. “A talent spotter was there and offered me a record deal”, he added. “Everything changed so quickly, I just couldn’t believe it”, he said.

A Second Job

“I am very busy sometimes, but less busy at other times”, said Stephen. “When things are not so busy, I like to make sure that my online pharmacy is running smoothly”, he said. “I always did quite enjoy it, even if I did still hanker to be a star”. “It’s just like having a second job really”, he added. “Although sometimes it’s more of a hobby than a job, it’s just something that I really enjoy doing”

So Just What Is It Like to Be a Celebrity?

So Just What Is It Like to Be a Celebrity?

Many of us will often look into the world of the celebrity with some degree of envy. The glamour, parties and wealth are things that would appeal to most people. As a result, millions across the world strive to make it as a star. Only a few ever make it, though. While it clearly has its advantages, is being a celebrity all good? Being celebrity also comes with its disadvantages, and they might make some people reconsider whether or not they wish to have such a life.

A Lot of Hard Work

Working in TV, movies, radio or on the stage can be a lot of hard work. There may be a lot of travelling involved with little time for rest. Hours can sometimes be very long, and you’ll have to keep on working no matter how tired you may be. Many people struggle to cope with the workload. While it is true that you get to have a lot of fun when not working, you should still expect to be worked very hard when you are. 

In the Spotlight

One thing that attracts some to stardom is the adoring fans. It is a wonderful feeling being lauded by your followers, but it can get too much. Many celebrities are constantly under the spotlight from the press. They can be there no matter what, even during personal moments. For some, the pressure of being constantly watched gets too much. If you are not keen on constant scrutiny, you may not be cut out for stardom.  

The London Lady That’s an Expert in Marriage Counseling

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An Unexpected Career Move.

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